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Air Brake Hose

Air Brake Hose

Air Brake Hose

Tube: EPDM; Cover: EPDM
Reinforcement: High strength polyester braid
WP: 290 psi Temperature: -35°C to 75°C
Special Features: To SAE J1402
Size Range: 10mm to 13mm
Application: Truck braking systems.

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WANRONGIE – The Leading air brake hose Manufacturer.

To handle hot engine air and resist abrasion, you can rely on WANRONGIE higher temperature air brake hose for your most challenging applications. We will help you meet your demands and environmental controls against hydraulic leakage, enduring equipment productivity, and strict emission standards.

WANRONGIE has set the standard for high-quality, innovative air brake hose and Hydraulic Hose over the years. We have reinforced high-strength polyester braid with a unique feature SAE J1402 that will meet your truck braking system requirement. Moreover, our Air Brake Hose tubing products are the next step towards higher performance, affordable price, and availability.

As one of the leading manufacturers, we always emphasize reasonable quality control. Our company ensures professionalism, competitive prices, and premium qualities that make our Air Brake Hose products well-known to our customers. We have chosen the best thermoplastic material for elevated pressure, which has higher flexibility and temperature range up to -35°C to 75°C ideals for bus, truck, and trailer air brake hose and fuel application.


WANRONGIE’s global manufacturing capabilities, availabilities, uninterrupted supply, and stable prices make us unique from others. Buy air brakes from us and enjoy innovative Features!

  • Higher market competitive performance.
  • Highest testing standard performances.
  • Price stability.
  • Easy to differentiate features on the field as well as at manufacturing.
  • Supply and availability stability.
  • UV stabilized and also thermoformable for easy assembly.
  • EPDM tube and cover.
  • Range size 10mm to 13mm.


There is some application you can use our high-quality Air Brake Hose including:

  • Hydraulic lines.
  • Chemical transfer.
  • Coolant lines.
  • Compressed Air.
  • Lubrication and Oils.
  • CO2 and air tubing.


We ensure that our products have premium quality and affordable cost than other products in the market. We have stringent quality requirements and a longer life span. Moreover, our products are resistant to challenging usage environments, enhanced design, and increased flow performance.

You can also visit our website to find the varieties of Welding, Automotive Hose, and Industrial Hose and allow yourself to enjoy these fantastic innovative features and make your task easier.



Part No. Dimensions (mm) Working Pressure Bend







ID OD psi MPa BP psi
A103010 10 19 290 2 870 120* 0.38 152
A103012 13 22 290 2 870 156* 0.39 152


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