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Whip Hose Assembly

Whip Hose Assembly

Whip Hose Assembly

Assembly WP: 200 psi
Temperature Range: -25°C to 75°C
ID Sizes: 12mm, 20mm & 25mm
Standard Lengths: 600mm
Construction: Whip Hose fitted with Heat Treated Nipple & A-Type Coupling.
Application: For use on constant vibrating pneumatic tools (air drills, pavement breakers etc) The heat treated steel nipple which is connected to the tool withstands vibration and impact for a longer period. Connect the other end of “Whip Hose” to the air supply with the quick-acting coupling. “Whip Hose” should remain permanently connected to the tool and should be the same diameter as the supply line hose. Hire market, construction, road construction, heavy engineering
Also Available: With Sure lock Couplings. Can be made to suit higher working pressures, and can also be made to length.

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Part No. Dimensions (mm) Working Pressure Bend Radius(mm)
ID OD psi MPa BP psi Length (mm)
WH15 12 21 200 1.4 696 78 600
WH20 20 31 200 1.4 696 114 600
WH25 25 37 200 1.4 696 150 600


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