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Petrol & Oil Delivery Hose Assembly

Petrol & Oil Delivery Hose Assembly

Petrol & Oil Delivery Hose Assembly

Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C
ID Sizes: 25mm to 100mm
Standard Lengths: 25m & 30m (lengths vary between sizes)
Standards: Electrically resistant to less than 10 ohms, as required by BS 5842:1980 clause 6.2. Hose assembly in accordance with EN 13765:2003.
Application: Anti-static lightweight and flexible suction and delivery hose for a wide variety of hydrocarbons where 100% aromatic resistance is required. Hard wearing and cost effective. Used on plant, rail, and road tankers for the transfer of fuels. Fuel depots and refineries, transport contractors.
Also Available: Vapour recovery hose assemblies. Bayco Petroleum products.

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25 32 38 50 65 76 100
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
WP psi 150 150 150 150 150 125 100


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