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Air & Water Suction Hose Assembly

Air & Water Suction Hose Assembly

Air & Water Suction Hose Assembly: 

Tube: Natural & synthetic rubber
Cover: Smooth (wrapped finish), EPDM rubber, ozone and weathering resistant.
Reinforcement: Textile reinforcement and steel wire helix.
Assembly WP: Working pressure will vary depending on size, fitting and clamp selection.
Temperature Range: -25°C to 70°C
ID Sizes: 100mm to 300mm
Standard Lengths: 20m (10m 250mm-300mm)
Special Features: Abrasion resistant
Construction: Hose fitted with Bauers & Band Clamps.
Application: Heavy Duty hose for suction and delivery services of air, water, waste, mud mining, construction, refineries, dewatering
Also Available: Smaller bore hose available down to 20mm A variety of different fittings and materials available. Foot valves and strainers to suit.

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Part No. Length (m) Bend Radius (mm) Vacuum (m.H20)
Hose Assembled with
A210080F A210080 6 533 9 75mm Male & Female Camlock Fittings
A210100F A210100 6 711 9 100mm Std Male & Female Bauer Couplings
A210150F A210150 3 1067 9 150mm Std Male & Female Bauer Couplings
A210200F A210200 3 1421 9 200mm Std Male & Female Bauer Couplings
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