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Metallic Hose & Teflon Hose

PTFE Teflon Hose
Application: easy to clean and sterilizes particularly suited to arduous flexing over an extended temperature range. Tasteless
and odourless ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Size Range: 6mm-100mm
Temperature:-50°C to 260°C

SS Metallic Hose
Application: Ideally suited to high pressure, High temperature and corrosive applications, flexible metal hoses, steam, compressed air,
petro-chem and vacuum
Size Range:6mm-300mm
Temperature: -270°C to 600°C
Cam and Groove Female Coupler
Cam and Groove Male Adaptor
Female Union
Fixed Male (BSP,NPT)
Swivel Flange (ANSI,Table D or E)
Fixed Flange (ANSI,Table D or E)

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