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Hose Fittings

WANRONGIE – The Leading Hose Fittings Manufacturer

Wanrong Industry & Engineering Limited is the leading hose fittings manufacturer who has been in the market for quite some time, making top-quality hose fittings for different industries. Many industries need hose fittings, and for this, they always have been in search of a well-known hose fitting manufacturer who can fulfill their demands and needs.

When it comes to ordering hose fittings, every company, factory, or organization has different requirements and some important points they want the hose fittings manufacturer to remember at the time of designing hose fittings. Wanrong understands the needs and demands of every customer, and that’s the reason we are known as the renowned hose fittings manufacturer among the customers.

Quality is Our Priority

Our top-most priority at the time of designing hose fittings is to maintain the quality of all our products. We never compromise quality, which is the most appreciating aspect we receive from our customers. We have a team of highly qualified individuals who work really hard to maintain the quality of our hose fittings. Being the top hose fittings manufacturer, we check the quality of every product before delivering it to make sure every product our customers receive is of top-notch quality.

Shop Wholesale Hose Fittings from the Renowned Hose Fittings Manufacturer

We are a well-known wholesale hose fittings manufacturer who is always ready to entertain customers with bulk orders. Being a recognized hose fittings manufacturer and garden hose supplier, we design different types of hose fittings and hoses that can be used for different applications. We listen to your concerns and understand your field of interest. Our customer service team is always there to assist you and solve your queries. We stay in touch with you to provide an update regarding the consignment.

Bio Pharmaceutical Fittings
High purity biopharm clamp and weld elbows, weld and reducing tees, clamp and weld eccentric and concentric reducers, end caps, eld caps O p. 534, auto weld ferrules

Boss Fittings
Boss ground joint and washer type couplings, male and LP stems, Boss clamps, air hammer fittings, Boss Holedall fittings, steam quick disconnects, hammer unions, mining fittings

Boss LPS Fittings
Vent-Lock safety cam and groove, male and female fittings, ferrules and crimp sleeves, combination nipples, couplers, frac fittings, coupling inserters, crimp machines

Brass Fittings
Hose stations, nozzles, garden hose fittings, garden hose, shank fittings, ferrules, crimping tools, pressure gun and accessories, grease whip assemblies, push-on fittings, short shank fittings

Cam and Groove Fittings
Boss-Loce, EZ Boss-Lock, swaged-on and phonograph finish, polypropylene, reducing couplers, adapters, gaskets, replacement handles, accessories, Strap-Grip

Pinch-on, worm gear, band clamps, Strap-Grip, single and double bolt clamps, spiral clamps, T-bolt clamps, clamp kits, tools and accessories, spring hose clamps, thumb screw clamps, constant torque clamps

Dry Disconnect Fittings
Dry disconnect fittings, dry gas, dry aviation, dry break, FloMAX connectors, safety break away fittings

Fire Hose Fittings
Fire hose, reels, fire department connections, wrenches, hydrant adapters, swivels, nipples, valves, thermoplastic, brass and aluminum nozzles, Storz fittings, LDH hardware

Washdown Fittings
Menders, nozzles, quick-connects, hose, swivels, hose barb fittings, forged valves, couplers, coil hose, screens, straight through’s

Holedall Fittings
Rams, Externally swaged fittings, flanged assemblies, Internally expanded fittings, sanitary fittings, Petroleum fittings, petroleum coupling expanders, API certified fittings

Hydraulic Fittings
Flow control valves, high pressure ball valves, needle valves, hydraulic quick connects, return line fittings, plugs and caps, swivel adapters, hydraulic couplings, flat face fittings

Internal Expansion Fittings
Size: 5/8”
Garden Hose Fitting (Male), Garden Hose Fitting (Female), Ferrule, Internal Expansion Machine

King Crimp Fittings
Male and female fittings, ferrules and crimp sleeves, combination nipples, couplers, frac fittings, coupling inserters, crimp machines

Weld Fittings
Weld end fittings, welding nipples, flanges, turned back fittings, NPT threaded fittings, nipples, sight flow indicators, grooved pipe fittings, Straub couplings

Plastic Fittings
Quick disconnect fittings, PVC tubing, tubing cutters, Tuff-Lite nylon and polypropylene hose fittings, acetal fittings, push-in fittings

PTFE Hose Fittings
Nominal fittings, true ID fittings, smooth bore PTFE conductive and non-conductive hose, open pitch convoluted hose, heavy wall true ID smooth bore hose

Sanitary Fittings
Clamp fittings, 3A gaskets, weld fittings, bevel seat fittings, John Perry, Q-Line, and I-line fittings, buttweld fittings, tube OD fittings & hangers, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves

Water Shank Fittings
Menders, nipples, suction couplings, foot valves, strainers, skimmers, long and short shank fittings, spray hose couplings, quick connects, inserts

Swivels and Rack Equipment
Swivels, safety break-away couplings, TTMA flange adapters, API couplers, API rack cords, flanged sight flow indicators, TTMA flange extensions, Type 35 loading arm swivel

Tank Truck Fittings
Tight and loose fill couplers and adapters, shank couplings, pipe caps, sight flow indicators, reducers and adapters for tank trucks, hose swivels, hose nozzles, rack cords, dry disconnects, nozzles

Hose Valves
Ball valves, locking ball valves, steam valves, mini valves, pneumatically actuated valves, non-metallic ball valves, strainers, gate valves, butterfly valves, air valves, globe valves, faucets

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