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Metal Garden Hoses Purchasing Guide

Metal Garden Hoses Purchasing Guide

Metal garden hoses might look similar to average consumers. However, each flexible steel hose has different characteristics and features that sort one model suitable for specific purposes. As such, you have to consider the following factors to find a proper metal garden hose.

Metal Hose Length

Length is an essential consideration even when purchasing a rubber garden hose for your courtyard. As expected, an enormous backyard may require a relatively long hose for maximum convenience. Similarly, numerous metal garden hoses are available in changeable lengths. Several options are ranging around from 25 to 100ft. Metal garden hoses of 25 and 50ft are best for small lawns though 75ft and more are best for large backyards as they will easily reach all corners.

When searching into the hose length, remember that garden hoses, both plastic hose and metal hose, need some storage space. It means that if you purchase a long metal hose, you may have to get a large hose reel and set sideways a spacious storage space. Always select the hose length based on your desires and requirements.

Metal Hose Width Or Diameter

The width of the garden hose determines the quantity of water flow from the flexible hose. The width is also an essential consideration if you have to use a supported hose reel. As expected, there are numerous metal hoses widths available. They comprise the 5/8-inch and 0.75-inch. However, a large-diameter steel garden hose is appropriate for lawns or functionalities that want a lot of water.

The 0.75-inch garden hose gives more water flow than the 5/8-inch hose as it has a widespread pathway. As such, it is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Though, at home, where water use is controlled, the 5/8-inch hose is a good option. Either 0.75 or 5/8-inch hoses are available in multiple lengths.

Construction Material

As you might expect, all-metal garden hoses are ready from long-lasting metal materials with decent figure quality. However, different garden hoses have various structure qualities. It is because they use different ratings of steel in their construction. Some metal hoses are ready from 201 steel and others 304 steel. Comparably, 304 flexible steel hose has minimal chances of experiencing corrosion, is more sturdy. On the other hand, 201 steel hoses are affordable but less durable.


The Garden hose tap controls the water flow of the hose. Different garden hoses have different nozzle choices, majorly prepared from brass or plastic. Brass garden hose nozzles are sturdy but expensive. On the other hand, Plastic nozzles are less sturdy, easy to use, and cheap.


Like other valuable purchases, you may consider the warranty offered when selecting the best metal garden hose for your lawn. Very few hose manufacturers offer a lifespan warranty. The majority provides between 1 and 10 years, dependent on the material construction. A reminder that even if the garden hose is from the leading company, there is a chance of facing bad lucks with it. Regardless, a garden hose with a substantial warranty and money-back guarantee will provide you peace of mind.

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