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Hydraulic Hoses ─ What are They and Why are They Important?

Hydraulic Hoses ─ What are They and Why are They Important?

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Hydraulic hoses are one very ingenious invention. More than just some regular hose, a hydraulic hose is not just designed differently but also has a different function from the more regular hoses you might find around.

Designed to be used specifically on hydraulics, a hydraulic hose has one major function; to convey the hydraulic fluid, which transmits force in a hydraulic system. While this is the major function of this type of hose, however, there is more to the hydraulic hose than just that.

To fully understand the hydraulic hose, though, we need to first understand hydraulic systems and how they function.

What is a Hydraulic System?

To put it simply, a hydraulic system is any system that makes use of pressurized fluids, usually called the liquid fuel to carry out given tasks.

The system works on a simple, straight forward principle; whatever pressure is applied to the liquid fuel gets transmitted to other parts of the system undiminished or reduced. This way, the pressure applied to the liquid can be converted to power and used to carry out work at other parts of the hydraulic system.

With how much power can be produced using this system, hydraulic systems are usually used for heavy lifting tasks as well as to create precise, repetitive motions. Most of these tasks require mobility and flexibility. This is where hydraulic hoses come in.

What are Hydraulic Hoses?

A hydraulic hose is any hose used in a hydraulic system to convey hydraulic fluid from one part of the equipment, machine, or device to another.

Built to withstand and convey the force generated by hydraulic fluids without getting damaged, hydraulic hoses are usually made of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic material, or Teflon and reinforced strength-enhancing winding.

Uses of Hydraulic Hoses

As a major hydraulic hoses supplier, we know its importance within various applications. One of the major use of hydraulic hoses is to connect two fluid ports in a hydraulic system with the added flexibility of the hose making it easier to convey the force generated from one part of the system to another.

Being flexible, hydraulic hoses can be used to join two moving parts of hydraulic equipment. Since they are flexible enough to bend whenever the components move, hydraulic hoses are the perfect choice for conveying power between components like the jib and boom arm of excavators.

The flexibility of these hoses also makes them perfect for connecting fluid ports that are not in alignment.


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