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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Hydraulic Hoses

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Hydraulic Hoses

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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Hydraulic Hoses

As a hydraulic hose supplier, we can confirm that replacing damaged hydraulic hoses might be more work than you initially thought. As with most other mechanical parts, there are several things to consider before you attempt purchasing a new hydraulic hose. Below are the top 5 things to consider:

1. Hose Size

You can’t just get any hydraulic hoses to replace a damaged one. Whatever replacement you would be getting should be od equal size to the former hose so as to properly fit the ports you would be attaching the hose to. It should also be long enough to easily connect the two ports but not so long that it would constitute a nuisance.

2. Working Pressure

Apart from the size of the replacement hose, you should also consider the working pressure. Every hydraulic system has a range of pressure within which it functions. It is important that you ensure that your replacement hydraulic hoses isn’t lower than this working pressure rance since such a hose would only get destroyed by the hydraulic system.

3. Temperature Range

Every hydraulic system has a temperature range in which they function. Any hydraulic hoses you would be using on such a system should be able to withstand said temperature range without getting damaged. If a hose can’t withstand the maximum operating temperature of the hydraulic hose you plan to use it on, then that’s as good a sign as any that you should choose a different hose.

4. Fluid Compatibility

Not every hydraulic hose can be used with every hydraulic fluid. There are two major types of hydraulic fuels ─ phosphate ester-based fuels and petroleum-based fuels. While some hydraulic hoses can work properly for both, most can only be used for just one kind of fuel. When getting a hydraulic hose, ensure that it’s compatible with the hydraulic fuel to be used.

5. Hose Application

Different hydraulic hoses have different applications in hydraulic systems, so when you are looking to get a new hydraulic hoses, you need to keep that in mind. What application do you plan to use the hose for? Is it for suction application or for special fluid use? Is it going to be used for high or low temperatures? Make sure to find out how the hose is to be applied, then choose a hose that can perfectly serve the required purpose before purchasing it.


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